Our Grid panels have 4 male and 4 female connectors on four side for easy connection when setting up your backdrop, and the come in two sizes. They are easy to cut into any desired shape. These panels are suitable for temporary backdrops attached to portable backdrop stands.

Standard grid : 35cm x 35cm with 64 sequins

Small grid: 34cm x 34cm with 100 sequins

Our solid panels have connection clips to easily connect the panels together, and they come in 2 sizes. Our solid panels are used mainly for Store front display, wall installations and free standing backdrops.

Solid panels: 30cm x 30cm with 100 sequins.

  • black base board
  • white base board
  • transparent base board

Bits: 15cm x 15cm with 225 sequins

We also offer bespoke designs by image transfer or pixel design on solid panels