Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we offer fast and cost effective shipping worldwide.

What is the most popular size of backdrop?

They most popular sizes or customers have ordered are;

2m x 2m
2m x 2.4m
2.4m x 2.4m

Where are your panels made?

Our Panels are made in Germany from responsibly sourced materials that are non toxic or harmful to humans and the environment. 

Do the panels break easily?

Our premium panels are made from high quality materials. They are very flexible, yet easy to cut into any shape using a pair of pliers. 

What is the most popular colour?

Mother of pearl
Dusty pink
Iridescent crystal 

Do you hire?

We now have a shimmer wall directory in Australia. We refer clients to businesses closest to them that have the requested colour and size.

Do you accept returns or exchange?

Unfortunately we don't accept exchange or returns because the panels are made to order based on the customer's specifications. We strongly advise You are sure of the colour and sequin shape when placing your order.