08 Aug

Humans naturally love sparkly, glittery things. In recent times, sequined backdrops or Shimmer walls of different colours and sequin shape have been the latest craze in the events industry and they are now also begin used for interior decor and billboard advertising.

Sequins are industrially made from petroleum-based plastic and their shimmer is obtained through chemical or metallic coatings.

Most plastic sequins are PVC, which contain many toxic chemicals. The handling of these sequins exposes both workers and consumers to these toxic chemicals and because sequins share the same qualities as micro plastics, this then ends up destroying our environment.

At Shimmer Backdropau, our sequins and panels are made from responsibly sourced bioplastic materials based on cellulose extracted from trees. The cellulose's crystalline form refracts light and makes our sequins naturally shimmery, without the need for chemical treatment or toxic coating. These shimmering sequins are made from 100% plant-based cellulose.

Our sequins are formed by pouring liquid-based cellulose into a mould. Our Iridescent colours are embedded in the material structure of the cellulose using non-toxic materials. The colours of our Bio Iridescent Sequin originate from the light-refracting structure of this material and the resulting sequins are strong enough to be made into shimmer panels but they will completely biodegrade over time.

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